About SensorTech

When it comes to industrial automation, sensors are at the heart of any automated process.  Sensors measure and detect the physical world outside the digital electronic “brain” of an automation control system.  They convert physical information about a process into discrete on/off, analog, or digital data that the controller can work with.

The quality of the controller’s decision-making is only as good as the data being funneled to its inputs.  Proper selection and application of industrial sensors is critical to extracting the maximum amount of productivity and quality from an investment in productive capital equipment.  Conversely, mis-application of sensors can lead to the opposite result.  Sensor Technology is here to offer expertise, ideas, guidance, and support for sensor specifiers, installers, and users to help them get the most out of their automation technology investments.

This blog is sponsored and administered by Balluff, a leading global supplier of sensors for automation.  Although we certainly have a vested interest in selling our sensor products to the market, we are dedicated to the successful implementation of sensor technology by the automation community at large.


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